Thursday, June 11, 2015

Great News for my career !

Wow !!! Time flies,
After 8 months with no income;
after half years as a job seeker;
after 3 months graduated;
after one month to wait for last interview result.

Today, I finally got a call from HR.

She told me that company are having quota back and able to process my pass. She needs time to arrange appointment then sign the appointment letter.

Overall , this is a worth to wait. I know I am taking the high risks, not to find another job opportunity to cover in case failed on my interviews. But, I did said before that expected much returns.

In addition, this is my familiar industry and having few years working experiences plus someone helps me to pull strings. So, I am pretty confident that able to secure this job.

To be honest, nowadays with the restriction of MOM to avoid increasing foreign workers, it arises so much terms and conditions and resulted those employers are having difficulties to employ foreigners.

Yet, most of my friends are willing give up jobs at Malaysia and looking a better career in Singapore instead. I guess most attractive parts of working in Singapore is good currency rate now.


Soon or later, I guess the currency of MYR/SGD will be increased to 1:3 .Its a matter of time.

As a point of foreign workers like us, its benefited us when seeing MYR become weaker. This is good for us to earn SGD and spend MYR.

On the other hand, sad case for those workers who works in Malaysia. Cost living are getting higher yet salary remain constant. You probably need to find part time job to cover this currency risk and high cost living.

Hello !!! When will Malaysia economic recover back?

No answer can be found.

All depends on current 1MDB issues,
how our PM can manage government,
what other plan can attract foreign Investors invest in Malaysia,
how to stop Generation Y/Z from working in other country, and others.

Errmm, these problems are beyond our controls.

Now, am just be patient and wait for another call then back SIN as foreign worker again :)


 - J丰-

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