Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Career || Will it be my last interview after few month as a Jobseeker ?

Blogging is becoming one of my interest now ever since I have started invest in KLSE. The main purpose of blogging is to mark down my every single share transactions. This blog also becoming my diary.As far as I know, it's no longer easy being a blogger.

What a good blogger is ?

As I always have that kind of perception that you have to write a good post without grammar mistake, be careful on sentence construction, finding good point to increase your blog traffic, Chinese or English language must have that kind of standard and etc. All these reasons affected me to blog.

After all, I tell myself that I am not going to become famous blogger and most important is I treat this blog as my diary. I would not hesitate any comments received by readers. I have to admit my language is "sibei jialat"(LoL).

Most of time, I try to use my very simple English or Chinese for blogging. I have to follow my initial thought that convert my ideas into words and share whenever I like. By blogging not only can improve my writing skills but allowing me to look back my history.  

** Readers you chose to come in to read my post, you chose to leave your footsteps by commenting. I am more than happy you can do and always most welcome your comments !! 

As I recalled back, I had blogged few post in FRIENDSTER back day. So, this is my second time to blogging again. I hope this time I'm able keep my blog update and at least a post per month if BLOGGER still existing.

Back to Topic

I felt upset because gotten Interview results back from HR last Friday Morning ( result waited about 2 weeks) that I'm not a suitable candidate to fit that particular post. At the same day afternoon, I received a call from another HR for interview.

What a day ! My moods are swing very fast.

I just want to share my another interview experience which I went through on yesterday. This time round, I was a bit lucky because it's through recommendation by my ex-colleague. I remembered I've sent my CV to her was about two month back, no news until now. Nevertheless, I count myself lucky and patient, able to wait until this opportunity arise.

My interview place located at very ulu ulu @ Loyang Offshore Supply Base.

There is only one bus No. 6 can be reachable to this place. So, I've decided to take bus in rather cab. (save cost). I took bus from Pasir Ris bus interchange. This is my first time and not familiar with this ulu place. One things I like the most in Singapore is transportation service. It's too convenience and safe and there is on of reason why I choose to work in Singapore.

I'm using "Iris bus guide" & google map apps throughout my journey to office. The weather is so hot, temperature about 33°and I sweat all the way.

side view opposite of alighted bus stop

Walking distance to office and passed by Toll Logistics
Passed by Weatheford office 

It's took me about 20-25 mins walking distance from alighted bus stop to reach the office. Oh ya, due to restricted area, visitors need to declare yourself before entrance gate.

During interview process,

It's supposed to 3 persons interview me, end up only department head and HR personnel turned up. The process went quite smoothly. Good things about friend recommendation is no breaking ice question to be asked like " Tell me about yourself". I trust my friend already described to her boss what character I am and my working experience before interview.

They need to know more about me , so a few question related to working were asked like,
1, How you work with ex-colleague (friend) during company A back day?
2. You know how to handle Air Shipment?
3. What is the big problem when facing fussy customer and how to solve it ?
and the rest are common HR questions.

I should say this is more to discussion and casual talking rather an official interview. Totally different from what I had attended few interviews before.

So, hire or not ?

Errrmmm, this is a crucial part arise. HR told me how long or what is my time frame can give them in order to get the quota from higher management (this is their internal problem). HR lady are very honest to me and told me frankly that MOM is restricted for giving quota of applying pass to foreigners due to case happened lately.

I was like what the....opps!! No quota ? Then, why are you asking me down for interview ?

After certain negotiation,

I always believe High Risk High Return this theory.

I give myself another one month from now to wait for this job ONLY and bearing all the cost living still. She told that will try her best to resolve internal issue and promise me salary package. The consequences is I might loss this job probably due to under promise or some unforeseeable things happen. And I need to start over as jobseeker again ?!

I get what I expected salary which about 12% from last drawn salary and some others welfare benefits.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the solution she gave me and time to wait again for some miracle happen.

To use my time wisely, I probably will be doing some research to improve and gain knowledge of how to be fundamental investor.

On the other hand,

I added on my Homeriz shares and bought it a slightly higher side @ RM1.20 yesterday. This goes to total holding 3600.

Bonus share given : 1800 ---> 5400
Free Warrant given : 900

Unfortunately, I saw the share price keep on dropping today, though good news was announced few day back. Nevertheless, a good fundamental company is deserve for investing long terms. I will not add on again at this time unless it really drop until RM1.00 (hope don't la )

" You might not know what will happen on next moment, expect your unexpected always. "

   - J丰-


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  1. 加油啊,我也是在等待面试结果。。。

    1. 现在只希望奇迹的出现!你PR比较容易换工。

  2. 现在行情不好啊,我公司订单减少很多,要cut budget 和 headcount. 听说很多公司缩减人手, 找工作比较多竞争。加油!

    1. 对,以现在行情来看,在小新找工真的比较挑战。所以,现在如果在职的人,应该找到了再换(像RRachel的状态了)。
      不像我,辞职后才找工 @.@


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