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I would like to share some of my collected investment e-books which I got it from my lecturer. It is very useful for fundamental investors like me. During my school time, the lecturer has shared it and asked us to read all the e-books if possible be it for assignment requirement or becoming an investor in future.

I thought these e-books was too wordy and lazy to read it. Until, I've discovered the benefit of investing and being a fundamental investors, these e-books are worth to read it now.

I will start to read it during my free time and my target to finish 5 e-books within this year 2015.

e-Book lists:-

  1. How I Become a Quant
  2. 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Trader
  3. The Warren Buffet Way
  4. The Warren Buffet Portfolio
  5. When.Genius.Failed.The.Rise.and.Fall.of.Long.Term.Capital.Management

Last update: 28/06/2015

**  I've decided to put up downloadable copy for all my readers.
** Please note that there is third party advertisements and it's safe to click " skip ads" to download a copy. 

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