Thursday, June 18, 2015

Travel to Medan + Library Fines

Unexpected Trip to Medan

I have been busy this few days. No time to watch markets.

Unexpected things was happen and I have no choice but to travel Medan, Indonesia for solving some personal issues.

This was my first time travel from Senai Airport, Johor Bahru (JHB) to Medan - Kualanamu (KNO) , Indonesia.

No enough time to plan the Itinerary and very rush due to last time informed.

Side viewing from sky
I'm a bit "sua gu" when taking flight as I rarely travel out except to Singapore. (Emm...that one is not travel already used to work there and some more no need to take flight to Singapore.)

Welcome to Indonesia
Form of declaration to be filled up before touching down Indonesia
KNO airport
Waiting hall at KNO airport

Anyway, what I had learnt from this short trip are:-

1. You have to buy two ways tickets when travel to Indonesia. Customs officers might ask you to show return ticket during clearing customs. If you failed to do so, you probably will be struck in customs and gonna be fly back to your own country and not allow to purchase return ticket at Medan Airport.

** My initial thoughts was buying ticket from JHB-KNO, then buy another ticket from KNO-SIN or KNO-JHB once reached Medan as my another appointment date with HR expected on this week.

As a result, I incurred additional charges due to different currency and processing fee when buying another return ticket in separate booking. (two ways tickets is much cheaper !)

2. I think that AirAsia online booking system is not user friendly. I tried to split booking from one of passenger for return ticket, but unable to make the changes online and was informed changes can be done only available at sales ticket offices.

3. Always feel appreciate to what you have, Life is precious ! Thank you God that allowing us to live another day when wake up in the morning. We are survivor, eat healthy and always fight for our future.

4. Rupiah currency is much weaker than Ringgit. Don't keep on blaming our government for not developing our country. Look at other country like Indonesia which is worst than us in terms of cost living.

5. I had been informed by the driver that most of blue collars started work from 8:30am to 4:30pm. They normally would not like us in Malaysia having late dinner or supper. So, I need to adjust my sleeping time moving forward. Wake up and sleep early. (Hopefully!) =)

Library Fines

Library Fines
I love to go Singapore library whenever I am free. Singapore Library is one of my most frequent visit place during my part time study.

One thing good about SIN government in terms of education where National Library Board (NLB) always promotes reading and learning at library since pre-school time.There are 26 public libraries are accessible at nearest MRT unlike Malaysia's Library. (Not mean to lower down Malaysia's reputation as the facts is that I have never go to my hometown public library before except school library.)

With this good facilities and located accessible, its really benefited me a lot especially borrow the books and doing exam revision. Usually you are allow borrow up to 8 books and sometime 14 books during school holidays.

I had borrowed 2 books last few weeks ago and got no time back Singapore to return the books. I was thinking can save money by not buying books, but ended up I have been charged for overdue items. (feeling painful!)

  • Overdue fines are charged at $0.15 per book/magazine/CD-ROM with accompanying book per day and $0.50 per audio-visual item per day.
Total overdue 14 days = $4.20  ( $0.15 x 2 books x 14 days )  

You may refer to below chart if you are interested to borrow books/audios from Singapore Library.

Singapore Library membership charges
Membership Charges

  - J丰-

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