I am just a newbie in Bursa KLSE, learning from mistake and share whatever I know. The purpose of blogging is to record down all my transaction of investment in KLSE.

Recently, I've noticed that blogging is became my interests and I'm loving it, I will post or update my blog whenever I'm free. 

I am not only new as a investor, but also new as a blogger. Sometimes, I prefer write in English more than Chinese. Simply because of influenced of my current environment. (working as a kuli in Singapore XD)

I really hope that with my initial thoughts of blogging can be shared my up's and down's experience in Bursa KLSE and my personal dairy to readers.

Hopefully, I can achieve my financial freedom in age of 45.  ^.^

Get to know more about J , you might want to read the following posts.


Last update: 24/10/2015


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