Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murdoch Graduation Ceremony 2015

Time flies, I have time to write this post only after one week of my convocation. The long awaited ceremony was over. 
The purpose of writing this post is just to share the experience and excitement towards graduation ceremony.

18/03/2015 = 
This is important date which marked down I am officially graduated from 
Murdoch University. 

Although this is not renowned University and I am not a top students who graduated with flying colour. 
But, the process of achieving my targeted goals its really meant a lot to me.

Although the degree is just a priceless paper. 
But, it does not mean can secure your future dream jobs.

Although I got my degree late while surrounding of my friends already own it at their aged 24-25 years old. 
But, I always believe if you think you can make it, time is not an issue rather your mentality that shown how strong of your desires and wants to make it happen.

As I recalled, this is not easy being a Part-Time student in Singapore throughout the journey. Everyone said to me the same before I took up my degree course in two years back.

" How you juggle your work and study at the same time? "
" Your English ok bor? Long essay writing, presentations, assignments and etc. "
" Do you have enough money to pay school fees? No installment is allowed for foreigner. "  
" Ehh, are you sure you can make it ? Don't waste your time and money. "
" Better concentrate on your works and let's face the truth."

No matter how people advised me, I am still enrolled myself in the double major on end of 2014.

Emm...this is how I started the journey of pursuing my degree, back to subject. >.<

Ceremony located at Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore
My family having hard time to reach here even though they are taking the cab. The driver uncle dropped them at Suntec City Convention Centre instead. I was panic and luckily they still able came on time before function start at 6:30pm. 
*p/s actually nearest MRT is City Hall and inside Raffle City

Two tickets are free for every graduands. Additional AUD25 is required per ticket.

The place to collect Regalia and registration. Collection start from 12pm-5pm. Graduands can choose to collect your Regalia early and take photo shot outside if your family are with you and you want to save money and time of queuing for studio portraits after ceremony.

Some refreshment was prepared for guest after the ceremony

Getting crowded at waiting hall around 6pm. 

Graduands was asked to take their seat in the ballroom and briefing started at 6:30pm

6:45pm - Guest seating
7:00pm - Ceremony commences
8:30pm - Ceremony ended

**p/s: I didn't put up my personal photo here as I am keeping myself low profile.  >.<

No more assignments, presentations, group discussion and exams. 
No need to rush down school attend night class anymore. 
No more burning midnight oil.
No more burning weekend just to attend exam or rushing assignment.
No more.....


All these became my memories, no pains no gains. This is great memories ever in my life.

Not forgetting to thank you my beloved family, relatives, friends, coursemates, ex-colleagues throughout tough journey.

Nothing is impossible if you decided go all the way to pursue your dreams.



  1. congratulations!!

    1. 看来你是我的忠实读者哦 ! 哈哈..
      我中学的英文也是有限公司, 现实是很残酷, 尤其你要在小新当马劳, 基本的文凭还是得要.

      谢谢你的加持与鼓励 :)


  2. Congratulations !!
    It's not easy to work and study at the same time.

    1. Thank you CT Yap.
      Time management is very important if you want to further your study.

  3. 恭喜,你自己的人生才剛剛開始!加油!

    1. 谢谢杜兄的踩场。现在就可以安心工作啦,没读书的烦恼了。

  4. Hi, does the uni give out graduation soft toy?

    1. No ! You got to purchase by yourself ..


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