Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How J withdraw money from Paypal account

Today, I've decided to withdraw some of my earning money from ClixSense. into my SG saving account.

Why so sudden?

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I had started invest in SGX market. No point that I accumulate USD dollar in paypal account. Paypal does not give me dividend or interest if I continue park my money in paypal account. Furthermore, I do not use money from paypal for online shopping/purchasing.

So, why not I use this money to put in somewhere which I think might give me more interest and good returns instead.

Here is where I have withdrawn from Paypal and then pump into my DBSV cash upfront account.

Throughout my ClixSense earning journey, I have never withdraw any single cents. So, this is my first experience of withdrawal money from

You will incur $1 fee for withdrawals under $200 SGD. No Fee if withdrawing to a US bank account. (I do not own a US account, that is why I withdraw amount of $200.87 USD 
which is above the threshold of incurring transaction fee)
p/s: do not convert it to MYR 

As time of writing 23/2/2016, market rate USD/SGD closed at 1.40864

BUT, what I can get from Paypal offered rate is 1.369011, 2.8% lower than market rate. Nevertheless, I still proceed to withdraw $200.87 USD = $274.99 SGD into my saving account.

Paypal takes 3-5 business days for processing. In another words, I will get the money pump into SGX trading account after 5th days.

Although this is small amount, probably I can only buy 10lots of shares at price of $0.20 counter. Of course, I will keep my bullets and aim for my SGX's REITs or ETF.

For those who are interested in joining ClixSense, you might want to read back my previous posts and find out more on how I step by step earn my decent money from ClixSense.

Use your time wisely, give yourself a try sign up FREE account from now.

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