Friday, August 28, 2015

Received Payment from RevenueHits + Cash out Toluna

First of all, I would like to thank you Ali blogger for introducing me RevenueHits when I was failed to register Google Adsense (GA).

Just share how I started my RevenueHits......

Most of the beginner blogger are aware that you can earn a lot from GA by blogging. But, it's not easy to apply GA for earning ad. fee. I did applied few times and has been rejected because not sufficient content in my blog. Probably my blog do not focus enough whereby my blog is half Chinese and the other half written in English.

Low blog traffic, low quality contents, and that's why my application of GA was rejected.

Nevertheless, I received email from Ali and he introduced me to sign up Popcash ads  & RevenueHits to see how it goes.

I started sign on last May 2015, my revenue hit was not really fantastic due to low blog traffic. After I went through their program Term & Condition.

I noticed that you not only can earn money by placing your ad. in your blog but you also can earn money from introducing new publisher.

Wow !! That's great program I ever came across.

Earn $10 for every new publisher you refer to the RevenueHits Publishers Network that earns $10. Get an additional $40 after a referred publisher earns $50. Cash in an additional $50 bonus after a referred publisher hits $100. Start now and benefit from a trusted referral program that will credit you with extra cash.

To be honest, how I earned from Revenue Hits mostly came from my referral. During that time, I try hard to promote my referral link on facebook group. My intention was shared this good program to those who are failed on GA application like me and would like to take Revenuehits as GA alternative way of earning ad. fee.

So, I shared my referral link as much as possible to hit the right target audience in Facebook group.

Finally, Today I got paid @ USD 21.08
(probably this small accumulated amount can turn into new PC one

Payment proof - $ received from MyAdWise Ltd

Payment proof - Paypal screenshot
For those who are interested in Revenuehits, CLICK HERE to sign up one account now.

For readers who are still with me, I sincerely apologies to you that all the third party pop-up ads caused you inconvenience caused. And, thank you for still supporting my blog.

Feel free to drop me comment and share with me about experience on pop-up advertisement when reading a post from blogger.

Based on last post, how I came across Toluna Singapore, you can read from
HERE ~ How I Earn Money From Toluna

Toluna is suitable for those who think they are free most of time, use their smart phone frequently, open minded, full of opinion to share and willingly to take survey in anytime.

I started with Toluna since 19/06/2015 because of ClixSense.

How you being selected to do the survey also need some tricks. What I did was always keeping my survey profile updated so that attract more survey company invite you for doing survey.

Beside, you need to sign up their newsletter and they will send you email for new on-going survey.

Usually one survey take you about 20~35mins to complete it.

After few month with Toluna, I'm not sure how many survey I did for them. But, based on my believe is a bit by a bit point, you will see a result one day.

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang.........

I cash out after accumulated 69485 point. Money is more realistic than voucher. To hit the threshold of Bank cheque - 50 SGD still have long way to go.  So, I chose to cash out earned point exchange Paypal - 2p SGD than others Voucher or Bank cheque.    

After I've submitted, Toluna prompted the message and confirmed I've placed the order to redeem my paypal SGD 20 dollar.

Sigh... I gotta to wait up to 6 week to receive my this SGD20 dollar. What a long wait !
Think positively, maybe I can get my money with this two week ? ( dreaming ;D )

If readers are interested in Toluna feel free to sign up one account for free now.....

   - J丰 -

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  1. wow, congratulation!!

    In fact, many blooggers kena rejected few times by google adsense before registered successfully. (i personally kena 4 rejection due to insufficient content - seriously i don't know how they gauge the boundary) Never give up and one day you will receive the congratulation email from google, i'm pretty sure about it.

    add oil

    1. Thanks Rachel.
      I kena rejected 4 times already. Probably still need to wait I post more then can meet Google Adsense requirement. I would say with GA just 随缘!

  2. Good job and happy to see you earn from internet. (USD vs RM4.25)
    Penny income stream help new blogger to alive.
    Thank you become as my referral

    Ali blog

    1. Thanks. Don't mentioned, you also became my referral of CLIXSENSE.


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