Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SGX Education videos for beginner

I wanted to invest in Singapore Exchange stock market (SGX) and have not get myself step into SGX market yet. While I am doing some research and found out good videos to share for people who are interested in investing and have no ideas what is all about investing.

There are total 11 videos are available in Youtube for free and brought to you by TradeHero and SGX with contributions from Synapse Trading.

This is one of free learning stuff for the beginner investors like me. After finished watching these videos, I can recall back a lot financial information which my lecturer had taught me last time.

Trust this is useful videos for all of us and this can be apply for all the market especially in KLSE which I've invested currently.

I chose to diversify my portfolio and opting SGX market because 
1) SG is my working place and I more or less well aware of those companies I wanted to invest.
2) SGD currency is stronger than MYR and I rather keep SGD than MYR at the moment.
3) Built blue chip portfolio and gain the dividend for long terms investment.
4) No interest return if continue to keep my money in SG's bank.
5) It's cheaper (min 100 per share) compared to last time minimum purchase (min 1000 per share)  

I will set a timeline for myself to open a CDP account.
Targeted by end of this month - Aug 2015

Here are the videos:-

SGX Education Video
1. Introduction

1(a) Market Basics

1(b) Stock Market Basics

2(a) Business and Market Cycles

2(b) What Moves the Market

3(a) Finding Value in Stocks

3(b) Reading Financial Statements

3(c) Financial Ratio Shortcuts

4(a) Basics of Market Timing

4(b) Identifying Market Trends

4(c) Support and Resistance

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Of course after watching all this videos doesn't mean you can gain $ from market shares. You need to do some homework and value the company before you buying particular company shares.


   - J丰 -

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