Saturday, April 11, 2015

Post interview 心情

#接回上文 Pre-interview 心情

J 期待很久的应征就这样过了,结果如何?往下看吧。。。






Total 5 candidates ( 3 persons before me and 1 candidate after me). The interview process was over-run. My appointment supposed on 12:10pm, but I was called into interview room only on 12:40pm.

There are two interviewers, one is HR personnel and the other is hiring manager. I was too nervous when facing him and unable to speak well although I thought everything was well-prepared. He didn't ask much questions. The entire process took about 20 mins and this was shortest time spent in room compared to three candidates before me.

First and second candidate were asked and discussed with HR for their second round interview (I believe they got the offers) whereas the third candidate go back straight after and said good luck to me with smiling face. (I can tell she a bit frustrated due to long waited hours and she told me graduated from US). HR told me that they will give us final result after one week. But, I already have the answer in my mind.

Question asked during interview:
1.Tell me about yourself
2.Give one of the situation you think is tough for you to handle customer in your past experience.

What you think you did wrongly during interview?
- shouldn't ask about salary package as he is only the hiring manager and question leave it to HR manager.
- My English spoken is a main killer for this interview.

How is my performance ?
-Nervous and confident level dropped from 65% to 35%
-a bit kanjiong during speaking
-waited so long and lost focus

Overall, I did not perform well for this job interview. 

Tell myself this is great interview experience ever had and you should move on, do the best for next time.



- J 丰 -

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