Thursday, April 9, 2015

HowTo || Remove from your reading list

I am a new blogger and everything to me are news. 

Ever think the subject mentioned bother you? I am quite confused the cases whereby how do I remove the followed bloggers from your reading list?

It's because I found that some bloggers are just mainly copy and paste some articles from some where and put it under their blog to increase traffic of blog. 

It can be the way of increasing your traffic and earn cost per click from advertisers. But, I am just do not need it appear in my reading list.

I am always think that " Google is my best friends." ; "Sharing is caring"


Let show you how to do it.

  • Click on gear icon (1) on your right top which same line with " reading list ", on your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Follow by, under Manage Blogs I'm Following, It show you all are the blogs you have followed and sites you have joined with FriendConnect.
  • Signin under Gmail account or other social media account. 

  • Click on settings icon (2) and popup window and you can find your way - "stop following this site"(3)

It's done ! You won't be able to see any further posts from that particular blog.

You can start to update your reading list now :)

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