Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This was my August's posts about my targeted on opening trading account in Singapore and finally I got my 【Singapore Exchange (CDP)】 account approved. 

This is another milestone in my investing journey. I can start to trade in SGX market after receiving my login password today.

I found no much difference on brokerage fee if I am using other platform of trading company. Most of brokerage fee around $18-$25 per trade minimum.

Moreover, I am not a big timer. I like accumulate shares and intend to focus on REITs or bluechip for my SGX portfolio.

Why I chose DBSV and not others?
Since I got the POSB/DBS account and for the sick of convenience of course DBSV is my first choice in my mind.

Refer this post on about what are the step to open CDP account in Singapore. 

The free $70 shopping voucher is still on-going until December 2015.

Based on their T&C, I will be entitled S$50 worth of shopping vouchers for executing my first 2 trades. ( Sound not bad, but this is one of the purpose attracted me to open a/c with DBSV la..)

To be honest that I'm having headache on picking up the stocks of SGX. I do not want having the same bad experience like what I did on KLSE where anyhow to buy the stock based on feeling or guessing.

I gotta MUST be patient when choosing a company to invest. 

I will try to spend sometime on following week to get more information from Singapore Finance bloggers, SGX websites, FB Singapore finance related group or read news about current Singapore stock market before I making my first trade.

I will still trade on KLSE but, will not pump more money into KLSE rather SGX market as for now.

My intended strategy are pump in money to buy more KLSE's BLUECHIP stock whereas more focusing on SGX market especially REITS and BLUECHIP. 

I really can't wait to trade my virgin trade in SGX market la........... lol >.<

Good luck to me :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ! Will go your "house" to see what are the stocks you holding in your SGX portfolio :)

  2. 可惜错过低吸的机会了,很多大蓝筹开始回升了,不过还会有机会的,加油!!
    那个请问一下哦,一定要满21才可以开securities account吗? 我也想开。。。

    1. 股票市场没有可惜不可惜的,当你认为股价低时,还有更低的时候;相反认为股价高时,还有更高的时候。时机到了,你要买自然会进场。

  3. 加油~

    1. 哦。。我也有在follow 小新的投资博客。我还是菜鸟一位,目前还在物色着要买我的第一支小新股。


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