Thursday, January 22, 2015


在一个机缘巧合下,让J有多余的时间在家乡等成绩以及待业的同时 接触和改变了我对投资的概念。之前都在新做所为的一等一“外劳” 和半工半读,上班族完全没有计划将来,然而决定辞职转注最后的学期 反而有了时间来理财。


寻寻觅觅当中,看了好多人的部落格也了解如需要在马买股票要申请一个CDS户口。最后决定开HLeBroking 简单又方便。
(P/S: Credit to yy姐 on her blogs information)

  • 7/1: 在HL的网站申请了户口,当时还不知网上申请的是NOMINEE ACCOUNT
  • 9/1: 致电到HL总部问些关于form的问题,客户人员才告知她会寄给我 Direct CDS Account 的form
  • 12/1:收到form填好就寄出去,间中有些遗漏的资料就email她
  • 20/1:资料齐全搞定
  • 21/1(today):Account Activated and received offical email from HLeBroking and Bursa Malaysia

Onwards: J can start to pick up the desire stocks and invest looo...

Wrote until here and realise that J typing English words is faster than chinese words. Of course this does not means my English is better than Chinese. Probably J get influenced by Sin's lifestyle and seldom type in chinese words.

With this, its marked my first blogs and the steps towards financial freedom.

Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad
Level 10, 1 First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

** feel free to comment and yours comments is my encourage move forward :)    
** Not easy as a blogger !
** Blogger & Investors 新手请多多指教 :)

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